Thursday, August 11, 2011

Samoa Joe....WWE?....REALLY!?

Sources close to Joe say that he's been looking long and hard at a possible debut in WWE once his contract is up in coming months. Considering how underutilized has been up until the past couple of weeks and fan frustration over the same, I can't say as I blame his looking at the other camp. I do feel the need to point out, however, that WWE's history of pushing talent that isn't homemade, especially if they came from TNA is very bleak at best. I could point out a few....

Kid Kash was released after winning the Cruiserweight Title when WWE decided to downsize the title.

Vance Archer (Lance Hoyt) was released shortly after the ECW/WWE product went under.

Braden Walker (Chris Harris) was let go without having worked more than a handful of matches with the ECW/WWE brand.

Marquis Cor Von (Monty Brown) was let go during the fall of the ECW/WWE brand.

Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) has been trapped in midcard hell for most of his career and is quite likely to stay there as his stature isn't what WWE views as "Championship Material".

I could go on, but it seems incredibly defeating to announce how many stars TNA has put out that WWE has squashed in the name of creating brand superiority.

While a few could name R-Truth or Kharma as exceptions to the rule I would like to point out that Truth used to be K-Kwik of WWF fame and they made Kong change her name so they could use it as a trademark. CM Punk is another name that could have been thrown around, but let me save some time and point out Punk sought out friendship at the highest levels and solidified his standing with those people BEFORE he was pushed. Few have been around the WWE company long enough to garner such favor.

To put it bluntly, there are talents on both sides of the camps who are beating down the doors to move to the other camp....what those thinking of leaving TNA don't understand is that the grass on the other side isn't really green...they're just able to afford the paint to make it look that way.

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