Friday, August 19, 2011

Tag Team Rebirth.....

Word around the water cooler over at WWE is that Trips is looking to rebuild the now dead Tag Team Division. Let's face it, since the letting go of Kozlov, Hart Smith and even Masters, who could have been paired with just about anyone to put together a decent team, they are burning bridges faster than a pyro in Madison County with a bad case of OCD. Heck, put him with Tyler Reks as they aren't doing anything with him anyway.

If I were Vince McMahon, I would put together a list of people I want to rebuild the Tag Team Division. I'm not talking about something for kicks, I mean really putting things back a few years and resetting the clock. No more PG, no more move bans or burying guys who're working their tails off only to find they've been given a burn notice. I love that show, by the way. MacGyver meets The really doesn't get much better.

My first picks to rebuild the Tag Team Division are VERY simple. Haas and Benjamin. Sure, They let them go a couple years back, but they stand a better chance of anyone else of giving fans a throwback AND a decent match to boot.

Second on my list would do the same thing AND toss in some history besides. I say bring back the New Age Outlaws. TNA ousted them a few years back, but there was a lot of old scabs opened when they were here. Call them storyline, call them whatever you want, fact is, it's news, it's another iron in the fire, it's an easy payoff for everyone who puts it on the table. Not to mention they can put a tag team from today on the map.

Third is something they really need to think about....there were a number of decent tag teams from only a few years ago who could use some work now that Vince dropped them out on their posteriors. Deuce and Domino, MNM, bring back Kane and X-Pac, there are a hundred different ways to do it, but don't forget about nostalgia. In this case, it's your best way to bring back some Attitude Era fans who are still miffed that you canceled their show in favor of the After School Special Kids Hours. 

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