Monday, August 8, 2011

Taking Off the Gloves....

There are a few time tested formulas to building to a PPV the right way. While WWE has squandered their best chances of squashing their competition, TNA has been gaining some ground, putting over Crimson like a million bucks. The CM Punk nitrous boost has already lost it's fizzle as Crimson is rising to new heights. I must admit, I was thinking RVD would come out of Sunday's PPV as the victor, but even a DQ victory is fine by me and the loss of 10 points besides comes, to me, as an added bonus to keep things interesting.

The World Title scene could not be in a better position for a new contender to be crowned. Kurt Angle right now is FAR more suited to put over a new champion or to reposition a former champion. Fact is, I would even have no problem if he held the belt going into Turning Point. It would fit the bill to have him drop the belt there, but if management sees fit to debut a new champion for that PPV, so long as it makes some sense, I say more power to them for making the decision. Right now, things look more promising that Crimson, Pope, or even Joe could take the reins for a time. THIS is how you build a champion. This is how Austin was build. King of the Ring put Austin on the map. The Bound for Glory Series is putting Crimson, Pope, and even guys like Gunner on the map for TNA.

Immortal is on the verge of dying off and it seems about fitting for the stable to finally be allowed to collapse. Bound for Glory would be the best place for the final death bell to be sounded for Immortal as that is where they were formed. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if TNA pulled the trigger on the debut news or the re-emergence of Matt and Jeff, but I may be getting a bit ahead of myself. Be assured, fans, there will be news coming in the months ahead of more acquisitions and debuts to grace the stage that is TNA. Make no mistake, TNA is getting things right and there is some traction now.

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