Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trading and Infringing....

Melina and Chris Masters are not taking kindly to being released. I say this...I don't blame them. Melina wasn't allowed in the building for RAW the following Monday and Chris Masters was let go after being told repeatedly that he'd been improving in the ring by HHH. While Gail Kim has been vocal about the fact that she quit rather than being let go, she makes a good point. In a recent tweet, she said that she doesn't understand why, if WWE doesn't think of her as a threat to the product, they shouldn't just release her from her contract.

I don't like the way WWE does business in the way of contracts. A 90 day no compete clause is standard operating procedure. I cannot fathom what kind of difference it makes in the grand scheme of things whether it's 90 or 190 days. A person with a following is not going to be forgotten. Brock Lesnar is a classic example of WWE's vengefulness. When he left WWE after only 2 years on the roster, WWE was like an iron clamp, preventing him from doing ANYTHING until that 90 days had expired. The Dudley Boys are another. When they were let go, they had to get rid of the camouflaged shorts and such in favor of khaki and black respectively. The fact that Spike (Brother Runt) had been called and warned not to wrestle under a name he'd gone by for over a decade was cruel.

Men and women who've made their living using names and personalities now owned as a WWE trademark have suffered great loss trying to reinvent something new to go by. While Ray and Devon have made their way to TNA along with a great deal of former WWE talent, there have been a few who are still having troubles finding work thanks to the trademarks WWE have used to hold them back.

Thankfully, Melina and Gail Kim can still use their names as they were never given an alternate personality. Raven, Sting, Hulk Hogan, and others were very smart in taking control and holding on tightly to their personas. Sticking to your guns has been good for you and it makes you better for it in the long run.

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