Wednesday, August 24, 2011


One comment in a Facebook message board got me to thinking. "If I had to pick my top 5 favorite wrestlers who got screwed out of some much deserved notoriety, whom would I choose?" Well, you understand this list would have to be in no particular order, but I'm obliged to answer the question with relative ease. I am basing my picks on technical prowess and the ability of said performers to work a crowd.

5. Curt Hennig- Some may know him better as Mr. Perfect. His 'Perfect Plex' was one of the most beautiful things to watch. He could cut a good promo, work a match, and was a fans' wrestler. He loved performing and I'm sorry he never got to see the fruits of his labors bloom.

4. Dean Malenko- He never won the big belt, but he was one of the best of all time, in my opinion. Vince wasted title reigns on some guys during the Attitude Era that might have been better placed in the hands of this man. A dream match for me to see would be a Malenko/ Angle match. I don't remember seeing it during the Attitude Era as their paths rarely, if ever, crossed.

3. Test- I wish Vince hadn't buried him under the reign of HHH. Had Test been given a chance to shine as champ, I think the top tier would have been better for it and may have given a more rounded chance for the up and comers in the new eras to follow a more sporting chance.

2. Chavo Guerrero- I've watched this guy almost as long as his uncle. While Rey was given the Sympathy Title (I dub it thus due to it being a reign built around his relationship with Eddie), Chavo was left to fend for himself. He floundered in the midcard his entire WWE career. It should have been his reign, not Rey's

1. Raven- I put him into the list for two reasons. First, he could cut a promo like no one else. Second, he was very good with his character. His reign as champion in TNA lasted a single day. He was forgotten about in WCW and his days in WWE were made into a farce. I was sad to see him misused and put into a role that made him look inferior.

That's my list of 5, but there are plenty who could echo the stories of these men.

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