Monday, September 12, 2011

100.....Part 1....The Big "What If?"

In the process of considering what to put into this column, I asked friends and spent a great deal of time combing the newsreel looking for something noteworthy and came up empty until I gave one piece of old Sting footage another viewing.

It occurred to me, if TNA or WWE were to fall victim to the other, what would the result be? Who would rise to the top of the card? Who would get 'buried'? I thought I would put together my best guess on both sides of the coin. We'll have a look at if WWE were to get bought out AND if TNA were to sell out to Vince. SO....without further ado, I present to you a top 3 on either side of the coin so as not to run too long. IF history were to repeat itself and WWE purchases it's competition...these performers would get the boost...

1. Matt Morgan.....Sure, they got it wrong not once, but twice. Sure, they rendered him into a stuttering idiot stooge and released him shortly thereafter. I'll even say sure, they weren't patient enough, BUT TNA has built Matt Morgan into a well rounded and gifted performer, both in the ring AND on the microphone. I think Vince may be ready for a third attempt.

2. Mexican America....I realize this is a faction, but WWE has been in the business of catering to our Mexican neighbors with representative talent. This makes the entire stable a valuable commodity. Even though Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara, and Rey Mysterio are making large waves, I believe that any one of these added to the Mexican America faction could boost that fanbase through the roof.

3. Velvet Sky......She fits the Diva profile and is, arguably, the single-most popular Knockout on the entire roster. She's a most improved performer candidate; now able to hold her own in ring against just about anyone. WWE would push her to the moon.

As for who gets the boot?

1. Abyss.....There is only room for one monster and Kane is theirs. Abyss would fall victim quite possibly before ANYONE else. Of course, they would pretend to build him, giving him even a few wins from the get go, but once he's been entrenched for a few months, the hammer would drop and they would feed him to Kane, and not just once either. In a series of matches, Kane would always emerge the victor.

2. Beer Money.....I have no doubt that in the current climate, Beer Money would not survive. Unless WWE changed the name if this tag team, they would fall victim to the babyface talents who run against the tenants and lifestyle Beer Money adheres to. Ultimately, Beer Money would fade.

3. ODB.....She doesn't fit the profile. I know...I know....WWE signed Kong. My what? They signed an apparition, one woman who was against the grain. There is only room enough for one woman outside the established Diva profile.

This is all opinion and far be it from me to push my view, but history and habit, quite often, go hand in hand. I hope TNA never sells out to WWE, but I also hope WWE sticks around to enjoy the fruits of some good old- fashioned competition.

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