Tuesday, September 13, 2011

100....Part 2: If TNA Ruled The World

SO.....I've managed to cover what would happen if Vince were to buy out TNA. Now I'd like to cover the less likely.....if TNA somehow managed to overtake WWE. Now I realize that the likelihood of this phenomenon happening is somewhere just below the likelihood of Bill Gates stepping in and covering the national debt, but it's something I promised I'd bring up, so without any further commentary.....here it goes...

Who gets the boost?
1. CM Punk.....Ever since his 'pipe bomb' rants on RAW, I've looked at him as a main event power. He can talk AND work a great match, not to mention he's willing to put his body on the line and try new things. This is important and I believe TNA can recognize it. I think you can be safe in saying TNA would re-elevate him or at least allow him to determine where on the card he wants to find himself.

2. Tyler Reks.....TNA is in the business of taking eccentric personalities and characters and making something interesting out of them and Reks is about as different as WWE has been willing to get these days. I would expect a dark character with an edge (no pun intended) and a grand rivalry with the likes of Abyss and, if the cards fit, Sting.

3. Christian.....He's been at the top of the mountain with TNA before and he's recognizable. Simple as that, not to mention that he's got the ability and prowess in ring and on mic to create a new star at will, which is something TNA truly needs right now. With the critics talking about the age of the roster, the building of new stars...new champions, Christian is definitely on par with the best.

Now for who gets the boot.....
1. Virtually the entire Divas division.....I made the case for Mexican America that even though it's a stable they would be valuable, I make the case here that the Divas division would not have the same effect. Most of the Divas don't have the experience, the talent, or the right to hold a gold belt, let alone step into the ring to compete for one. The ones who would stay? Kelly, Beth Phoenix, and Natalya....I think the reasons speak for themselves.

2. Mark Henry......I simply don't see what WWE sees. WWE sees a good monster. I see one last stand in the business before the train goes off the rails. Mark Henry is lucky, very lucky that Vince and company has been gracious enough to keep his job despite being injured a great deal of his career. TNA could not afford to give this guy the kind of push WWE is giving.

3. The Undertaker.....I realize I'm gonna catch hell for this, but let me explain. It's been well documented his bad form with fans as well as his views of being above the law of the land. TNA caters to the fans and encourages their performers to do the same. I don't believe Taker has the kind of attitude outside the ring as the rest of the TNA roster, who value the fans more than the name. There's not room for mavericks or loners in TNA; only those who understand that the fans are what keeps the business moving.

Where is John Cena? I knew there would be that question....I purposely left him off the list. My reasoning is simple. Cena has become stale. Yes, new territory may breathe new life into his character, but my bet is that TNA would like the older fans to love him instead of resent him for the way he's been booked. SO....they would cool him for a bit, maybe take him off TV for a time...let the people wonder if and when he'll show up. If Dixie Carter ever bought out WWE, Cena is the wild card that would compel people to watch if only to see when he'll come in. Like WWE did with Goldberg, TNA would hold off bringing in the biggest piece of competitive real estate until the timing was just right. Granted, with Goldberg, the situation was different, but the outcome would be the same...just the ending would change.

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