Friday, September 2, 2011


There are now four matches set for No Surrender.... let's analyze, shall we?

- James Storm vs. Bully Ray
- Robert Roode vs. Gunner
- Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe
-Austin Aries vs. Brian Kendrick

Now, all of these matches have the potential to be great. I will give away part of the ending, however. Since James Storm has been working through a partial shoulder separation, you can pretty much bet on him not winning the finals. NOW, having said that, we're left with a three way battle, provided that Samoa Joe isn't actually in the fight for the belt. No indications have been official so far as I know that he's truly out, but, since his points in the battle are so far gone, perhaps he can be counted out. Whatever the situation is, there's a pretty good looking feud in store for Morgan and Joe.

I very much do NOT want to see Ray with a belt outranking the Tag Titles. I cannot tell you how much I desperately want Joe's next victim to be Ray. From there, I really don't care who wins. I am and have always been a fan of Roode and Gunner is about as intense as they come for being a rookie to the company of sorts. I say, if done with tact, either one could pull off a great match against whomever shall be the titleholder come Bound for Glory.

Everyone knows that Austin Aries can bring down the house from his prior work in TNA and his tenure with Ring of Honor, but this one will be a contender for match of the card IF they give them the time to put this thing together right. That being said, I put Aries over Kendrick just for the ability to work the crowd like no one else in the division save for Doug Williams.

Since the title picture is a bit hazy at the moment, I think it best to assume that there will be some kind of impromptu match tossed together in the final week leading up the event. I'm guessing Hardy vs. Angle vs. RVD vs. Anderson or some variation of those combatants, but as I said, things are kinda touch and go for the moment.

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