Thursday, September 8, 2011


This is the countdown as I'm about to break another threshold. 100 columns in 4 months. I won't lie, I didn't expect to be here this long, let alone hitting 100. Another thanks for the comments and reading the posts. I do have more in store. In fact, when I saw the Impact tapings in Huntsville, I was a bit surprised at the look of the crowd; it looked like it was about the size of a typical RAW venue crowd. Looks like this company is just about ready to explode. Toss in a few TNA throwbacks and you've got yourself a rebuilt powerhouse.

The writing is getting better and has been ever since the most dismal year in TNA's history....2010. From Bound for Glory, however, there seemed to be a kind of turn for the better that hadn't been seen up to that point. I told people to give it a year when I was writing for a certain Facebook fan page back then, and look at things now. In my opinion, things are looking better.

With a traveling show and meet and greet package to boot coupled with the best players in the world, I'm giving TNA one more year before things go into overdrive. Don't think we're looking at the same kind of travel schedule as WWE; I doubt TNA will adopt that kind of thing as they want to keep their stars as healthy as they can while never having to implement a move ban to restrict the talent.

I do have something to say about one top tier performer in TNA. If Kurt Angle is not VERY careful in the next year, he may have a lot of time to think about his decisions from his couch at home. The most recent DUI arrest marks 3 in the time he's been in TNA. I am in full confidence that TNA won't take that kind of publicity for long. Having fired Matt Hardy and putting leagues of separation from Chyna for her choice to pursue adult films, TNA is right now in the business of cleaning house. Since Jeff Hardy, however, and Angle are crowd favorites, they will do everything they can do to put some spin until it becomes transparent that it isn't helping and they need to let go. Make no mistake about it, TNA isn't going anywhere and the loss of Kurt Angle won't sink the ship.

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  1. I think they need to take the Sting Angle story line and run with it. Two Icons of the wrestling business. I like both TNA and WWE but am leaning Towards TNA alot me lately