Friday, September 16, 2011


Right now, there are a great many columnists in the ranks who continue to throw praises headlong into the exceedingly young masses about the glories of WWE, who in recent months have managed to sabotage every major storyline they've had the opportunity of using to their advantage. They rage over how great it is that The Rock, arguably the greatest all around performer WWF/E ever produced is looking to make a comeback of sorts at Survivor Series. I've said it before, it's a band-aid on bullet wound.

WWE's top brass has put together 2 separate writing teams. One team is responsible for the tweaking and enforcing of short term angles while the other is responsible for the more long term workings. If I may offer one bit of won't work. Let me tell you why....

1. Even if the short term writing squad does their job flawlessly, which if you've watched any bit of their product as of recent, you know they can't be so good. WWE does not do well in the long term. Their core audience is filled to the brim with people who can't sit still long enough to wait for the story to move forward and get to the end.

2. The amount of hours required to keep every member of these writing squads in the loop about what is coming down the pike will be enormous. Coordinating so many people about the details of what few stories are being told on a given show in a given week is pointless. You run the risk of burning out your writers when they have to remain at ankle deep for their ideas.

It really does surprise me to see so many people supporting the Titanic. I write support for TNA and their people because, in spite of their failings, there is more potential and heart in that product than what WWE has put out in the past 5 years, save for the veterans who always deliver, but remain underutilized to the detriment of the business as a whole.

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