Friday, September 23, 2011

Dissecting Bound for Glory...Part 1: Countering the Debate

Examining the card for Bound for Glory, all most critics want to see and complain about is the last match on the card....Sting vs. Hogan. My job in this column is to try and do something that may be impossible for the most harsh of said critics....convince you that the last match isn't the only match on the card and that the last match will, in fact, improve the product overall.

In undertaking this task, which is, admittedly, a long shot, I employ the rest of the card and the end of the story to plead the case for TNA. Most people would use the rest of the card as a jumping point, but I prefer to start at the end. This Immortal storyline has been a little bit of everything. One part, maybe two parts train wreck, one part booking politics, one part ego stroke, three parts story development, and one part fun to watch fall apart. I've been a loyal fan since 2003 and an exclusive TNA fan since 2008 and NO ONE was more upset to see the drastic changes made by the regime than me. NO ONE. I ranted on fan pages; tore up and down the track that the 6 Sided Ring Era was over.

Somewhere along the lines after Bound for Glory of last year, I began to see something happen....after all the headaches and story disaster and politics and drama, a glimmer of hope. It took a couple of new champions and some moving away from Immortal being the dominant force in TNA that made this thing bearable again. The re-invention of Sting with his Joker gimmick, which I now find very entertaining and the introduction of the Bound for Glory Series in which nearly every TNA original included was complemented by a veteran. I like the builds character for the originals and helps mold them into potential threats to the championships they lay in siege over.

Ever since hearing that there may be chance of TNA bringing back the 6 Sided Ring, I've been looking forward to the end of the current story to bring the company back full circle. Bringing back Jerry Lynn as a trailblazer of the X Division and Rob Van Dam, with whom some of ECW's greatest matches were had and letting them put on a high flying clinic alongside Daniels and AJ Styles is a nod to this flashback.

TNA is putting their best foot forward as their best performers from every division they have strength in and I daresay the last match is only a bookend match and should not be the focal point as Angle vs. Roode is what TNA is really wanting to push. To everyone who gave up early, you are no big loss, but to you who stuck it out, you are the ones who will really reap the benefits of TNA's return to roots.

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