Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dissecting Bound for Glory....Part 2: Area 51

No this portion isn't about little green men, but it IS about what TNA has done with its product as of most recent: taking their show on the road. What Hogan/ Bischoff and company helped speed along has been so potent in the building of this product. Taking Impact and PPV on the road is critical to the garnering of a fanbase. Without the ability for people to get out and have the chance to see the product in person, it makes the TNA product look cheaper. This isn't to say that they aren't trying to save funds, but to say that creating a larger stage feel makes the experience a more enjoyable one.

Moving around also brings in more fans that may not otherwise get exposure to TNA any other way. I've mentioned numbers and right now, TNA is gaining some major traction, rendering an average of 3,000 fans at every taping outing. For those taking notes, WWE isn't running much higher with closer to 2,500 for Smackdown and 4,000 for RAW. Fact is, WWE is having to give away tickets just to fill seats so that the arenas don't look so empty. It seems like 'the little company that could' isn't so small anymore. I've been saying it and, almost as if someone is reading this blog and listening....nah....that couldn't be.

One more avenue is being explored right now. By going online to, you can find out more about TNA going into movie theaters and showing Bound for Glory. It can be readily inferred that if this venture is successful, more PPVs could make their way to a theater near you. This is an avenue I never would have considered and it saves fans HUNDREDS of dollars in regular PPV funds. Allow me to demonstrate....

The average PPV costs 35 dollars plus whatever taxes apply, but for simplicity's sake we'll leave it at 35.
Multiply that by 12 months and you arrive at 420 bucks! That's some pretty steep cost to us, the fans. Now, take the those same 12 months and multiply it by 10 dollars instead for a theater ticket and you come to a much more comfortable 120 dollars.

Now, if you were to take those 10 dollars in funds and multiply it by 50, you're coming to a 500 dollar figure, which would be the equivalent of about 14 households viewing each PPV otherwise. With a great deal of theaters seating more than that, you can bet TNA will come out WAY ahead as their troubles (and WWE's, incidently) have come in terms of PPV buyrates. Since those number have been low, the smart way to make money is to do whatever you can to get make your product easy to get hands on....aka leaving home base in Florida to hold PPV, movie theaters, PPV channels, online streaming, and other methods to make life easier on who they want to win over.....the fans. Even if the theaters only garner half of the funds expended to make it available, online and PPV channel orders can shore up the rest, making a potential VERY successful outing for TNA as aliens on foreign soil, so to speak.

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