Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dissecting Bound for Glory....Part 3: Divisions Best Foot Forward...

As the title suggests, my goal is to analyze the clear cut divisions set to perform October 16th. I say let's get to it.

The Knockouts Division has put their four best singles performers on display. Winter, Velvet Sky, Mickie James, and Madison Rayne are, without doubt, getting a good push from the upper brass and, with the skills of both Winter and Mickie, can deliver a great match. I would predict some shenanigans taking place as Winter kinda brings that to the table and Fatal Four Way matches tend to lend themselves to that kind of thing. My prediction for this one is Velvet Sky and that because of the amount of improvements she's made to her in ring style. I think TNA wants to put the belt on a new champion this time around instead of leaving the belt in a state of drifting limbo between Winter and Mickie James.

The X Division has me kinda excited even though we've seen this match before on last month's PPV. Aries and Kendrick have such a good chemistry in ring and, I believe, that chemistry will work itself out this time around as well. I don't, however, think TNA has as much faith in Kendrick as they do in Aries for the moment so I'm going to have to pick Austin Aries as the victor here.

If TNA upper management is looking to recapture the old school fan, they have a very important decision to make. Kurt Angle, as I have said in columns past, is the best man TNA has right now to elevate a new champion and Bobby Roode would create a Bound for Glory moment unlike any before this point in TNA's history. Having put in his time and looking like a real legitimate threat, it would be a true shame for them not to push him to the moon this night. Angle, in storyline, has agreed to ban Immortal from ringside and a clean finish here would be my choice. I give the win to Bobby Roode.

That leaves another four matches, maybe five to cover in the next column. Looking forward to putting it together. Make your plans to get a hand on tickets one way or another, it'll be worth the time invested.

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