Thursday, September 15, 2011

The End of the Beginning.....

Hulk Hogan has a special announcement. This spoiler is very much central to the fabric of TNA, so if you'd rather be surprised, put off reading this column for a couple of weeks. Otherwise, I will treat this column like a very real speculation column, where I admit that I have no idea where this is going.....

Hogan is talking about his retirement. Is this storyline? I don't know. Bischoff and Hogan's respective contracts are set to expire in the coming weeks, but I don't have any idea if his intentions are to leave TNA or to simply remain off camera. Let's explore each option, shall we?

If he stays and just works backstage, it can be assumed he'll be taking on a more hands on role with the creative team. This could roll either good or bad as his role with Bischoff is already at least even with Russo's. Additionally, he could serve as a promo coach as a few guys in the locker room could use the training.

If his retirement is not a work....if it's not a false alarm, we are witnessing a potential rebirth. Before anyone criticizes Hogan and Bischoff for 'burying' TNA, I would like to remind the masses that it was the new regime who pushed taking TNA on the road more often and building the fanbase outside the Impact Zone. It was Hogan and Bischoff who redesigned the entrance ramp, making it look like a far more professional spectacle for performers to enter through. It was the new regime who helped rebuild the X Division and put a more prominent spotlight on that group of talents. While I realize it took a while to make that spotlight shine, they called for the scouting of talents to fill the division and they made the cuts.

If his retirement is real and the regime's reign is really over, you had better count on some tough times ahead. Why? When the regime came in, there was an adjustment period of about a year just to get the talents and such on board with the changes. Now, with the suggestion that they may not be around much longer, they are going to have to make new adjustments in order to fit into whatever new mold TNA upper brass has in mind to fill. I've been hearing that we, as fans would be treated to a new throwback TNA, complete with the 6 Sided Ring, a no limits X Division, and continued vigor thrust behind the homegrown talents.

I thank the regime for the advancements whether they leave or stay. I would like to place my support behind Dixie Carter, for being willing to experiment and try new things in order to bring TNA into more households and into more cities. As a fan, this is a company I feel will do things that the machine, WWE, will not.....create opportunities for more champions to grace the stage and fill the ranks of new hopefuls ready to make an Impact there.

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