Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fall From Grace..... has released the following statement...
"WWE has come to terms with the release of Kevin Nash. We wish him the best in all his future endeavors"

So Kevin Nash is the newest member of the "Future Endeavors Club". Hmmm.....not buying it just yet. On RAW just this week, Punk wished Nash the "best in his future endeavors". On the other hand, the reasoning behind the Triple H/ Nash switcheroo for the upcoming PPV has me a bit puzzled. Just last week, WWE was concerned over Nash's last medical checkup pending the call to push the match. Later, the concern didn't dissipate. While speculating is futile at the moment and lends itself to some nonproductive conclusions, whatever these results stated was important enough to pull him from a high profile match, frustrating officials close to the situation.

In newer developments, Nash has been dieting. What does this have to do with anything? He's been viewed to play a role in an upcoming movie. It's been said that the powers that be on the film didn'twant to take the chance of conflicting with Nash's previous commitments. SO....Nash goes AWOL for a time and returns to force HHH into a shouting match with Laurentitis over who signed him to what kind of deal. I do have a scenario...what if he did get fired for real?

Does he retire? Maybe. Does he go indy? Possibly, but not likely. Does he try to reconnect with Dixie Carter for one final run in TNA? It's possible. The question is, will they take him back? My hopes are that TNA will deny and he'll do his body a favor and retire. His knees are shot, his back isn't much better and, unlike Sting, who shares the same age at 52, he doesn't have enough to put together one last passable match.

So, with Nash probably planning another viewing party for the match that should have been his, I'm wondering if this really is it. As one of wrestling history's greatest talkers, his last feud was a respectable one. If WWE runs the way I believe it will, he'll join up with Scott Hall one final time under the glare of WWE spotlights as inductees into the WWE Hall of Fame. It would certainly be fitting if Sean Waltman were to join as the reunion of the Kliq members comes together to say good bye and allow the curtain to fall. You can count on tears being shed as Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, and Triple H share a final embrace as they honor each others achievements and contributions to the business that spawned the single most historic era in professional wrestling history.

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