Wednesday, September 21, 2011


WWE has come to term with the release of R-Truth and the Miz. Yeah, right....once either of them cross the line, I'll believe it. Nash didn't convince me and these guys don't come close. Right now, there is all kinds of talk about a reformation of the nWo using these performers. Do I think it's possible? Yes. Right now, WWE is doing everything they can do in their environment to sway the nostalgia vote, but right's not working. I think a reformation of the nWo on the heels of letting go of D-X is a powder keg and the camera is the matches.

In the most recent news, it's said that Vince was irate when Alberto Del Rio mentioned him by name at last night's tapings. Word is that since he's looking to appear once more in front of the cameras for one of the shows, if not both, he didn't want to have ANY mention if his name. My response? YOU OWN THE FREAKING COMPANY! OF COURSE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO SAY YOUR NAME FROM TIME TO TIME! GET OVER IT!

I think it's coming to a head here. Vince has lost some of his objectivity in these recent years. People he hired or people through him hired performers and he cuts them at a moments' notice. Ken Anderson, Jim Cornette, and a few other names have gotten on Vince's bad side or the bad side of his chosen few. They have pills for that sort of thing....they're called Midol. Be sure not to leave home without it.

Fact is, I'm glad I don't work for Vince, because what I just said might get me fired or a membership to an exclusive club that few workers ever recover from.....(if you don't know, ask an Attitude Era fan sometime what Vince's club is called)

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