Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Greatest Ever...Part 1. Title Reigns....

There are so many ways to classify a title like "The Best Ever" and one such way is to measure how many times such a performer was better than the other man on a given night to capture title gold. Would anyone care to venture a guess as to who has held the most official gold (amongst the major promotions)?

I doubt anyone would guess that Adam Copeland (Edge) holds the current record for the most official gold. With 31 title reigns to his credit, including 7 WWE World Heavyweight Championships, 4 WWE Heavyweight Championships, 12 World Tag Team Titles, and 2 WWE Tag Titles. Even Ric Flair, whose total reign number is 30, doesn't quite reach.

 Only one man has the potential to reach that mark in his career and this will surprise some and bring argument to others......Chris Jericho. The 30-time title holder still has juice left and, if left unchecked, will capture and exceed Edge's mark if and when he decides to return to the squared circle.

I get the sneaking suspicion there are doubts and some have already logged into their own sites to look up the number, but Dusty Rhodes, who held more technical gold, BUT only a small portion of those titles were nationally recognized.

A little bit of trivia never hurt anyone.

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