Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How About a Few More?

6. Team 3D....I want their debut T-shirt something fierce. The story goes that WWE had their "Dudley" name trademarked and they tried getting that name back and WWE wouldn't budge. In the words of the T-shirt....TRADEMARK THIS! On another note, this is also Kevin Nash's return to the company.

7. Mick Foley.....Despite Foley's word about his stint being frustrating, it was his stint that gave some much needed credibility to the product. By the way, Mick, thanks for the couple of matches you gave us here.....

8. Tara.....I HAD to throw in a Knockout or two. She was a HUGE TNA acquisition. This helped bring the division to another level.

9. Awesome Kong.....She had an impressive run in TNA and, though I'm disappointed she left, she had good reason. I wish her all the best in her newest run.
Should I mention that this is also the debut of most of the Knockouts Division? By the way, I miss Salinas.....TNA? Can you guys do something about that?

10. Monty Brown......Why do I add him here instead of some of the others? I LOVE Monty Brown and his use of the ring was unparalleled. He used every ounce of the ring for his finisher and that is something special.

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