Monday, September 19, 2011

I Knew It.....

Last night was awesome. I didn't even think about WWE until I walked into the store and a buddy of mine told me that Triple H beat CM Punk. I knew he was going to bury him. From the moment he walked out as the COO, I knew WWE would pay dearly at the expense of Punk. I wish I didn't see it coming. I wish it didn't look so glaring that CM Punk is now a mid card lifer with WWE. Chris Jericho fought back from being buried by Triple H, but it took a very long time to do so.

To ice off the night, John Cena beat Del Rio.....yep, it's official. WWE is dead. You can feel free to kick them all you want and they won't even care. Cena buried Del Rio by becoming champion once more. It's as simple as that. WWE kills their newcomers to the main event scene without allowing them to appear as though they belong there. The ridiculous trend of kicking out of finishers has gotten old and the interference has worn thin. This coming from a guy who supports TNA as Immortal interferes in Sting's match with Flair.

A few little tweaks now and TNA will become the powerhouse I know they can be. Let Immortal die and keep the stories fresh and innovative. For the record, I'm betting on a Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett rivalry around the bend. Just you wait.

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