Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Invasion of privacy....

More invasion storylines have come down the pike than John Cena title shots in recent years. Nexus, EV 2.0, Immortal, The Corre, WCW/ECW invasion, the nWo and it all makes me wonder how to do it up right. Nexus had some real shock factor, but WCW had bigger names. EV 2.0 had some decent nostalgia, but Immortal had greater staying power.  Here is my strategy for an invasion angle.

1. Start small. Hall and Nash were only 2 men and they ended up a true faction with more members than spotlight space. Start with the leader. He/ she doesn't have to say a single word to start things off, just let the actions speak for themselves.

2. Start slow. The key to a proper invasion depends on people not knowing what the true intentions are until it's too late to stop them.

3. Choose a mouthpiece. This is where words come into play. The spokesman needs to have charisma, a stone cold attitude (no pun intended), and the ability to state the intentions of said organization. It helps if the mouthpiece is a recognizable member or former member of the roster.

4. Build a following. If everything plays out like clockwork and the story still makes sense, you can be sure a following will be had and money will be made. If a member gets injured along the way; the spokesman has a fever of 102 and loses their voice; or they are twarted ahead of time, all is lost.

Let's try an example.....

Samoa Joe was kidnapped a couple of years ago as a part of a storyline. Two weeks go by and each week, the commentators bring up that Joe was abducted. On the third week, let's say a video tape is revealed with men in stocking masks are beating on a man tied up in a chair with a sack put over his head. The spokesman tells Dixie or whoever is in charge to break out a few contracts...top dollar, says it's about time he came home again.

The following week, the spokesman has his name on the documents and tells the authority camera figure that if his name or the names of anyone on the list are leaked, Joe will never be returned. He then demands a match at a high class event, maybe Lockdown so that they can reacquaint themselves with the home crowd.

The authority decides to put together a Frontline team to remove Joe from harm's way once the main event is about to get underway. A theme plays as the abductors are wearing black with black masks to cover their faces until they are safely in the cage. The leader is revealed to be a returning Petey Williams, while Vladimir Kozlov and Daniels pull back their masks and show themselves. The man with a sack on his head turns out to be a nobody. And then it's revealed that the mastermind, who has been in ring with the masked men is Samoa Joe.  And there you go....instant following. That wasn't so difficult. Was it?

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