Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Showtime.....

In my opinion, No Surrender did just what it set out to people that TNA is serious about putting their top talents, their homegrown talents in the limelight. Robert Roode is a top guy who's been around from the beginning and this is a great time to showcase him. Putting Austin Aries as the spokesman for the X Division was a good idea too. Sting vs. Hogan is all but set in stone, Angle has an opponent, and Immortal is about the be ripped apart at the seams....let's not lose focus.

Now would be a good time to put together the stakes. Traces of the Frontline, so to speak, need to come out of the woodwork in order to sell the 'sense of urgency' Bound for Glory has in store. Immortal now runs the risk of the regime losing control of TNA and their replacement being the exact person they tried to eliminate once before.....Dixie Carter. Here's how I'd do it....

1. Hogan and Bischoff discuss how to bring Sting down, involving the rest of Immortal, who, as of No Surrender, are weakened at best. Gunner and Bully Ray are about to come to blows over Ray wanting Gunner to give up his title shot.

2. Abyss has been the silent monster, having not been in any kind of camera feud in the better part of 3 months. Hogan and Bischoff's treatment of Abyss has had some unexpected side effects, as it turns out. He has called in a favor from a former associate, who shall remain nameless for the moment. The deal with the devil needs to be broken.

3. Sting makes a call and has his contact show up in force at Bound for Glory because he doesn't want anyone sabotaging his match with Hogan. "It's time to bring back the Frontline."

4. Matt Morgan, AJ Styles, RVD, and Crimson are all recruited by Sting to be at ringside for the Hogan/ Sting match. He reveals that the head of the Network will need an escort.

5. Angle vs. Roode.....Immortal, minus Hogan storm the ring, to be dispatched by Anderson, but Jarrett serves as the insurance policy for Angle tossing Anderson to the outside where he's beaten down by the rest of Immortal. During this time, the ref has been out cold. Jarrett hits Roode with the guitar shot and Angle delivers an Olympic Slam and covers, but the ref is out. Mexican America runs out and then stops at the ramp, refusing to render aid to Jarrett as Jeff Hardy cuts through the crowd and gives Jarrett the Twist of Fate and tosses Jarrett out of the ring as Roode applies the Sharpshooter to Angle, forcing a tap out. Roode takes the Heavyweight Title. Clean win for a TNA original. It'd be about time.

6. Hogan vs. Sting......Slow going match as one would expect with plenty of restholds. My guess is A debut here as the Frontline comes down the ramp, ushering Dixie Carter to the ring. Hogan loses focus just as Sting applies the Scorpion Death Drop to capture the victory. Dixie smiles a knowing smile as Hogan sneers in disbelief to end the PPV.

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