Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Much talk from the pro-WWE camp about the destroying of a legacy. While most of this talk is aimed at guys like Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Sting, it seems to me a bit unfair. Sure, these guys, minus Sting, left WWE on decent enough terms as Hall of Famers, but does it have to mean that once they've crossed the threshold that it's over for them? I'm just curious. I don't know the answer, nor would I claim to, but it seems that no one was saying that sort of thing when Hacksaw Jim Duggan was coming down to the WWE ring to compete in a squash match or even Sgt. Slaughter when he was still gainfully employed with WWE. My point is that Hogan and Flair made a jump to the enemy. Regardless of how you may feel about the TNA product, they left the big time and were basically told they couldn't do it anymore.

Doesn't sound very fair to me. I have to believe that money is an issue because Hogan and Flair, at least, have their bills and lifestyle to pay for. Both have a well documented excessive lifestyle, but there's also something else......I still see some passion left in the tank. The last Rocky movie is what comes to mind for me when I get to talking about this. He's making his pleas to the board about getting a license to fight again and it comes down to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Do I believe Hogan and Flair have put their best on display in TNA? Yes and no. I think they've tried to do what they know, but for whatever reason, the people still seem to believe that the reputation is gone. It's a hard thing to see....legends being given up on. The magic is waning, yes, but isn't gone just yet.

Wrestling is one career avenue where legends never really retire....not really. They may not get in the ring and take bumps anymore, but there's never been a rule that says they can't be involved. Has TNA put the spotlight on them? Believe it. If they were still in WWE, do you think they wouldn't do the same? Not 3 years ago, Ric Flair was spotlighted at Wrestlemania. Hogan was at SummerSlam the year before.

"Let them stick to the backroom" or "Just keep them out of the ring" or "Just don't give them  a microphone" seems to pollute the atmosphere. My opinion of these men is that they are legends and that, for me, will never change. They've managed to stay clean, put over talent, and promote the little guy, so to speak. If that tarnishes their legacy, I say it wasn't worth much to begin with.

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