Thursday, September 22, 2011

The List....

"Let's put together a list of all the ways we can possibly be different than WWE...."-Eric Bischoff from The Rise and Fall of WCW

I think that every once in a while, a company needs to do some self evaluation, to make sure all pieces of the machine work properly. I say we do that right here and right now. After all, we are in a competition against the giant corporation. Why not put together the ways we can be different?

1. WWE is let's push the envelope and not cater to children. No problem so far.
2. The good guy (Cena) almost always wins.....We don't have Cena and for the past year and a half or better, the bad guys have been in problem there either.
3. A good deal of the focus has been on one feud....with two big feuds and one semi big feud, I think we have that covered. On to the next thing...
4. WWE has no respectable Tag or Women's Division....that was easy.
5. WWE's top title spins and has the word CHAMP stamped and embellished with diamonds.....could this get any easier?

Where can we improve?
1. Flip flopping characters (Anderson) from heel to face week in and week out is making me seasick.
2. Cut out the VP of the Knockouts Division
3. Stick to the rules in the Bound for Glory Series.
4. Put TNA guys in the spotlight to be showcased and sprinkle the veterans into the mix, don't lay them on thick.
5. Steady. There is no need to rush a feud that's building, the ring will still be there next week.
6. Fan interaction.... Does anyone remember the big Fan's Revenge match between Jarrett and Samoa Joe in 2006?

This company has made some impressive strides to becoming a top power in the business today, but there is still work to be done and as long as that attitude is internalized and remembered, there will always be a TNA. While WWE has been content with the status quo, my impression based on the numbers is that name recognition won't get them by anymore. The fans want something innovative and fresh coming from both the ring and the backstage. The way promos are done outside the ring feels different, let's keep that up.

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