Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Concepts #1: Class

I made a mention of a new title for TNA a while back, a little something I called the Xplosion Title, which has yet to be seen on television, but was introduced by a now reassigned Desmond Wolfe. The purpose of this title was similar to the Money in the Bank briefcase in that it guaranteed a title shot. The concept, however, is to give the current champion a sporting chance to defend the title, whereas the briefcase holders all tend to cash in when the champion is beaten beyond repair. Seems a bit unsporting. Fact is, only one briefcase holder gave his challenge well in advance.....Rob Van Dam. He gave almost a full month's notice on his cash-in.

Class. That's what this title is all about. The sportsman's challenge gives his opponent a chance to defend without first beating him down. RVD allowed the champion his month's worth of time to take him on at his best.  The Xplosion title, if done in the way I propose, would give a 6 month time span to cash in the shot at whichever belt he/she chooses. Should he/she lose, there is no rematch's over and the belt becomes vacant. The beauty of this is that the title can be defended more than once in a year and under different circumstances each time. Additionally, it gives the creative team an out should a character not work as well as they might have wished.

This title might have given TNA creative an out that might have come in handy once Matt Morgan was outed from the Bound for Glory Series. Word is that he was the odds on favorite. Until his injury sidelined him, he was the first choice to win the whole thing. With this belt, he would have had the opportunity to challenge once he was well again. That being said it also makes creative have to decide how long the champion of the other belt's reign should be, but that's another story and one best left for another time.

Class. That's what's been missing the entire time of the briefcase. Almost every character to hold the case has been a heel or has used the case as a way to turn heel. With the Xplosion Title, that's not an can't cash it in on the fly. It makes the creative team have to do something else. There is no room for laziness in this business.

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  1. Almost all have been heel... Daniel Bryan hasn't been one of them... he's given a HUGE amount of notice of when he is cashing his in... He's no heel lol he's a nerd lmao but man do i love a nerd