Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No News is Good News....

The doors of the white tower in TNA are closed and sealed as very little news is seeping through the cracks. No word about the involvement in Bound for Glory for Hardy, Jarrett, and quite a few other wrestlers on the roster. I like getting insider info, but in this case, I love being out of the loop. It's making the last few weeks of the ride a whole lot more enjoyable. Take some notes, WWE.

Pope/Devon, Ink Inc., Beer Money, Mexican America, The British Invasion....the Tag Team Division is full and loaded.

Winter, Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Mickie James, Tessmacher, Tara, ODB, Sarita, Rosita, Jackie....the Knockouts Division is complete, lovely, and deadly as ever.

Crimson, Morgan, Roode, Joe, Angle.....the top tier looks pretty fierce.

Sorensen, Kendrick, Aries, Kazarian, Daniels, Evans.....the rebuilt X Division looks about as strong as it's ever been.

While the list of potentials to give the TV Title some credibility is short, I'm betting that will change in the weeks and months to come. TNA would do well to have yet another well established title to put on a deserving someone.

Right now, the card is shaping up into a pretty strong potential showing with at least three or four where the combatants could put together a real clinic in the ways of mat chain wrestling.

Roode vs. Angle will be top notch, make no mistake about it. I will go so far to say this could be a real match of the year candidate, provided there isn't interference to tarnish the title further.

Crimson vs. Joe will be brutal. Count on that. With two stiff workers in the ring together, somebody may even be bleeding before the match is over.

RVD vs. Jerry Lynn is ALWAYS good, no matter who wins. I'll put this on the top tier as well. Lots of spots, lots of shots, lots of knots once the smoke has cleared.

Need I go on? I believe this card will far surpass last years and take it's place in the archive with the greatest PPVs TNA has ever assembled. You can take that to the bank.

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