Thursday, September 1, 2011

No Surrender....

So the PPV is coming up in 10 days. One more week of Impact. Hmmmm.....I wonder what's in store. I do have a couple of thoughts going into it, though.

- Kurt Angle's opponent has yet to be determined, which tells me that they have no clear cut idea who best to push going in. With the number of competitors waning, it wouldn't surprise me if they had Joe put into the event to defuse his spree and give the other competitors a chance to recover before BFG, but it also wouldn't surprise me if they had a returning Matt Morgan do the task of dispatching Joe. Either way, it looks bad for Joe. BUT, there is a chance that TNA could do something amazing and put a stipulation on ANY match with Joe.

Let's say that Angle has pissed off the Network, who is behind the desire to bring back Dixie Carter, and let's say they'll do a great service to Joe if Kurt can't deliver. I'm talking about an all or nothing stipulation, where Kurt HAS to win or else Joe wins the top spot's worth of points. That means he loses the negative and gets propelled to the top of the standings.....tied with Crimson. THAT would make No Surrender a true MUST SEE event, at least to me.

- With Gunner, Ray, and Robert Roode as the last of the finalists outside of the Joe situation, I can see a 33.3- chance that a TNA original is going to headline Bound for Glory. I LOVE that idea. Granted, I would love to see Daniels, Joe, or Styles, but IF TNA pulls the trigger with either Gunner OR Roode, I'll be happy enough. A Bully Ray vs. Angle match won't do anything to sell Bound for Glory to the  masses, I can guarantee you that.

- I'm glad they finally pulled the trigger on an alliance between Devon and Pope. That's a good team to put into the Tag Team Title scene. That's enough teams to really make the chase exciting to build for the big show next month.

- Even though there isn't anything on the books for a Knockouts contest, I have to believe that there's enough heat there to generate something in the final week.

Well, I suppose all that's left is to sit back and wait it out.

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