Thursday, September 8, 2011

Only One....1..

After nearly 2 years of push backs and recesses and reschedules, Jeff Hardy finally made it through the last of the court hours. Hardy's attorneys, on his behalf, plead guilty to the felony drug charges against Jeff. I think it's about time this thing was over. Pushing the trial back was only putting off the inevitable and there was likely to be more damage control than was absolutely necessary. Now before the hate mail starts piling up to Jeff's door, let's be clear that his last 2 years have gone without instance and no new charges have been accumulated. His reform seems to be underway and he has 30 months of probation to make sure he's stays a good boy for the foreseeable future. The 100,000 dollar setback and 10 days in jail should serve a reminder that this sort of thing has some consequences. Granted, if you or I had gotten into the same jam, much worse would have been dealt out, but under the circumstances, I think this is about as good as anything. Let's hope TNA's damage control team has nothing to do for a long time.

With things in TNA being as they are, no new news is emerging. The card is now finalized for No Surrender and the results have been tightly reined in, to prevent outside sources from getting a hand on the results before the curtain has gone up. The card goes something like this....

Anderson vs. Angle vs. Sting for the Heavyweight Title
Mexican America vs. Pope/ Devon for the Tag Titles
Winter vs. Mickie James for the Knockouts Title
Austin Aries vs. Brian Kendrick for the X Title
Jesse Sorensen vs. Kid Kash for #1 Contender to X Title
Morgan vs. Joe
BFG Series Semi-finals
Roode vs. Gunner
Ray vs. Storm

Seven matches....a strong card, to be sure. TNA has a lot riding on the results of this PPV. The results of this PPV could very well determine their fanbase's interest in how the World Title picture is going to progress. TNA knows that, in concert with the champion, there can be only one contender.

Lest I forget to mention with a state of....perhaps brash gloating that PWI (Pro Wrestling Illustrated) announced their candidates for the "Top 50 Female Wrestlers of 2011". It brings me great pleasure to reveal that the Knockouts occupied 9 of those spots and 7 were listed in the top 20. An interesting side note, only 5 of WWE's Divas came in the top 20 and only had 8 total on the list. Seems to me WWE has some work to do.

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