Monday, September 26, 2011


Back in May, I predicted that 6 new talents would come into TNA's ranks. I guessed 3 in either the Tag or X Division, another Knockout, a possible World Title candidate, and a wild card. Let's have a look at how my prediction has panned out since that time.....

3 regular X Division first timers.....Zema Ion, Jesse Sorensen, and Mark Haskins
1 Knockout.....Christina Von Eerie
1 Wild Card.....Anthony Nese

While I didn't exactly predict the returns of ODB, Jackie, Austin Aries, and Kid Kash, I am pleased with the development. SO.....unless my math is wrong, I'm seeing 5 out of 6 wrestlers with one big name to yet make a debut. Ahhh, but list needs some explanation.

Enter Christina Von Eerie. She's the newest member of the now stable Ink Inc. To add to the accolades of TNA's Knockout Division, she is the 11th Knockout to rank in PWI's "50 Best Women Wrestlers of 2011". In fact, NONE of TNA's Knockouts on the list rank higher than 35. Christina Von Eerie ranks #29.

We're now entering the place where TNA notoriously likes to debut new acquisitions. Between Bound for Glory and Final Resolution, TNA has either debuted or re-debuted Jeff Hardy, Booker T, Kurt Angle, Christian Cage, Jacqueline, Awesome Kong, and Lacey Von Erich among others during the same time span. History doesn't lie and TNA loves to ramp things up going into the new year.

I love this strategy as TNA seems to be always ready to bring in new talent and take the time to try and get them over with the fans. If ever there was a time to take up TNA's mantle, this would be it, while WWE is still deciding who they're wanting to cater to...Attitude Era fan or their kids. If WWE wants to bring in The Muppets, Animal biting Randy Orton's arm off and beating him to death with it is the only thing that will save the show and cater to both.

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