Saturday, September 10, 2011

There Can Be....2....

Kurt Angle may have tipped the hand of the senior management of TNA and may have solidified himself as the new passenger in the Impact car as he may no longer be in the driver's seat. I have no idea what he was thinking at the premier of "Warrior", when he revealed that Sting and Mr. Anderson would be the main event of No Surrender or, frankly, if it was all just a set up, but if he spoiled it, you can bet TNA will make him pay for ruining the surprise. Do I believe Kurt Angle is the best veteran in TNA to put a rising talent into the limelight? ABSOLUTELY. Do I believe he'll make that talent look like a million bucks? You'd better believe it. He'll sell it like a professional. Do I believe that TNA will suspend him despite his position? In a word....yes. TNA management has some decisions to make now that more information is being made public concerning his arrest.

It wouldn't surprise me if TNA put this on display, but I doubt they'll play it the same way they have with Jeff Hardy as his story was very public and Kurt's is somewhat less. If I am to rewrite the final match of the series, I put Gunner vs. James Storm with Gunner going over and becoming the number one contender to the title match. Storm will be able to take some time off and rebuild AMW with Chris Harris and Gunner can do whatever it is management says to do, whether it be take the fall or take the belt. Either way, I'm sure the way the belt is won will make the match worth all the effort everyone invested.

Whatever the situation, you can bet Joe, Morgan, Crimson, and possibly even Daniels will be hovering near, if not capturing the World Title before year's end. Don't count out at least one more debut as well before or at Bound for Glory.

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