Saturday, September 17, 2011

TNA Wishlist.....

I've written commentary, prediction, theory, and results for 5 months now, but I have yet to put out a list of my favorite TNA DVD's. If you'll kindly bear with me, I would like to give you my top 5.

This DVD contains the last in ring presence of Randy Savage as well as some truly great gimmick matches with Raven and Abyss. I loved that this DVD went in chronological order from his debut all the way until the end of the set. A well thought out disc.


This was one of my favorite PPVs TNA has ever put out. Petey Williams vs. AJ Styles, the debut of Christian, and an Elimination X match. This one even had some hardcore action between Abyss and Sabu. I love the characters from this time period and the roster was second to none. Period.


Try and find a better deal from WWE....I dare you. Now, I realize this is cheating, but no one ever said life is fair. 3 DVDs for a kickin' price and all very strong PPVs to boot. This was also a VERY strong year for TNA, which puts this package in a class all its own.


I love it when TNA does things like this and puts together former WWE talent in their own DVD titles because you get to see footage from outside sources that Vince doesn't own. It also gives some outside perspective on the talents that you may otherwise not get and it's on 'neutral' territory so they can feel free to say what they want, for the most part.


If there is a history lesson to be had about an organization, I think it best to get some hindsight perspective and all the better if the organization is still alive and kicking. When I first watched TNA, they put out a penny PPV, where it gave some history of some of the feuds going on at the time, finding out that it only cost a single penny helped spark my interest and this does some justice to the product as they shine some light on the best feuds from that time period...I can only hope more is in store.

I've done all the work here.If you find you'd like to explore the list in more detail, every cover pic is actually a link to a place to get a better look at the product. Have a look, don't merely take my word for it.

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