Friday, September 23, 2011

Undertaker vs. Sting...

Before I launch into this one, I'd better do some explanation. When rumors began flying about Sting coming to WWE, a piece of footage I've put on here immediately popped into my head. Sting's distrust of Vince is understandable and, in more than one way, reasonable. With, arguably, the greatest creation WWF has ever put out on the verge of tackling a 20 win milestone, why would WWE's creative team ever allow Sting a victory here? His legacy? His reputation? They fed Shawn Michaels, HHH, and Kane to the streak....twice apiece.

Let's examine this a bit further. Both Sting and Undertaker are getting very close to retiring. The best Sting could possibly hope for is a double count out draw. Seriously...and would anyone buy that? I wouldn't. Shawn Michaels can run circles around most workers in the business half his age and to say Sting could do better is laughable at best, no offense meant.

Why turn down a match like that on the biggest stage on Earth with quite possibly the biggest payout on Earth? If it were me, I would use one word....dignity. I can see the rolling of eyes and I don't blame you for that reaction. What would Sting have to gain? Nothing. He'd become another victim and that would be that. With limited time on Taker's bump card and Sting already in his 50s, a loss in his first and probably only WWE match would tarnish what took a career to build and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. A Hall of Fame ring is a shallow victory when you're buried in your debut.

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