Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Vince McHogan Theory.....

During the tenure of Hulk Hogan and his regime with TNA, there was a fairly impressive theory going around as it related to WWE. It was suggested that Hogan might be working in concert with Vince McMahon to bring down his competition from the inside. If you'll allow me, I will elaborate.....

- Hulk Hogan makes his announcement that he's joining with TNA at Madison Square Garden, right on Vince's front lawn as if were.

- Up until this point, the writing staff is doing a tremendous job of putting together a compelling product surrounding and involving Samoa Joe, Daniels, and AJ Styles with Kurt Angle sitting at the ready, but Final Resolution would be the last time Daniels or Joe would be in the main event for the entire tenure of Hulk Hogan and the regime, despite fan backlash.

- Hogan's debut show was laden with former WWF/E talent to such a degree that it made any and all ring action feel null and void. Any stables running during that time period were disbanded and never reorganized.

- Abyss is launched into the limelight. Up until this point, Abyss was a bit like attraction to see on for the hardcore rules fan. His program with Dr. Stevie and Daffney had come to closure (which, in my opinion, was about as interesting as anything Abyss had done in recent years) and he was given a nitrous boost without warning.

- Depushes were sent out to Desmond Wolfe, Doug Williams, AJ Styles, Daniels, Joe, and a host of homegrown talents and the X Division was very nearly irreparably crippled.

- Orlando Jordan's debut entrance....look it up if you never saw it, but I'm not putting it here for reasons that will become obvious if you decide to check on it on youtube.

- The exile of the 6 Sided Ring was a travesty and should never have taken place. Its return will mark a return to the TNA who has an identity of its own, something to separate itself from any other US promotion in the top tier. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seemed as though the product itself had a bad case of an identity crisis.

Fast forward a year. Despite all the nonsense and erratic writing choices and heel/face turns and false swerves and such, TNA has survived. So, with Hogan set to make his retirement speech and end his TNA tenure, it would seem that IF Vince had any involvement in TNA's downfall attempt, he was unsuccessful as TNA fans are here to stay and now that the regime is about to be washed away, we can return to our fan led product, already in progress.

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