Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What It's All About....

I write almost daily about the problems and solutions for this entertainment outlet we love so much and each week it occurs to's all about being entertained. You know what I want? It's not complicated....I want to be treated like I matter to the companies putting on a show. I want to be treated like the adult I am and cheer for a wrestling promotion that doesn't treat fans like children with stupid invulnerable champions and sideshow attractions that only pop up once per year. I want to be treated to at least one great match every week, a match I can take to the water cooler every day.

I want to see women getting the same kind of shot at stardom that their male counterparts do without forgetting that they can be beautiful AND have talent at the same time. I want to see that promotion put good performers on display at the forefront and not as an afterthought. I want to see veterans helping build the younger talents and prepare them for the top tier, where there is no glass ceiling to break through or politics to play in order to catch a break. I want to see a promotion where the storylines don't always feel like storylines. Where sometimes, just sometimes, it feels like it's real.

I was a loyalist to the machine once. I used to cheer at the crotch chops and middle fingers gesturing and the pop of the crowd as a larger than life champion of the people would come to the ring and throw his hand up with belt in tow. I used to defend the highlight of the night and watch restlessly as a luchador dialed in his area code to secure victory. All that is behind me now, because somewhere along the lines, the fans were put out. The place I used go to see my favorite performers has been replaced with something significantly less than. I've crossed the line.....and now I know, I can't go back. It's about passion and giving fans something special without worrying about shareholders. It's about fans. THAT'S what it's all about.

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