Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All the Lights....All for Not?!

It is official now. Hogan has re-signed with TNA. I, for one, am of two minds on this whole ordeal. First thing, I'm a bit disappointed as it seems he's been playing the fans from the start IF and only if he decides to stay in front of the camera. His skills are best used elsewhere as a part of the fed to help branch this thing out. This could makes things VERY difficult for TNA if his place on television isn't used EXTREMELY sparingly.

NOW, having said all of that.....IF this is on the up and up AND he's genuinely wanting to push guys who've been there from the start, a few things need to be done. The whole 6 sided ring deal HAS to be brought up in the first place and IN THE OPEN. I'm not talking about a chat on a radio station concerning the thing. I'm not talking about in the planning team meetings for creative or at a dinner chat with the Dixie Carter and the family. I'm not even talking in meetings with the talents who perform each week. I think it's worthwhile to put this in perspective and talk about the rebranding of an emerging power. This is a piece, a significant piece of TNA's heritage for the bulk of their existence (from 2002 all the way up until 2010). I believe Hogan and company owe the fans an explanation, even if it's only a storyline.

SO......I'm going to remain optimistic because not enough is known right now to be at all concerned about the future of TNA. His seat in the limelight isn't a sure thing just yet, so I'm not going to make rash predictions, but what happens at Bound for Glory will very much tell me what we're in for. Go ahead, TNA....impress me. I am not so set in my mind that it will not be convinced. That is how ALL wrestling fans should be.....willing to bend, willing to forgive, willing to understand, AND, whenever possible, willing to be taught a few things.

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