Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Area 151.....New Territory....

Number 150 comes and goes....time flies when you're having fun. I am really loving how TNA is using their 'down time' in the days leading up to Bound for Glory. Tons of little vignettes and interviews and backstage segments. It's those little bits that make me even more excited about what's about to go down in 5 days.

It's been announced that TNA will post a 30 minute live show on their Facebook page, including, but not limited to promotional material AND the Tag Team Title match between Mexican America vs. Ink Inc. I think this is a tremendous idea on one side of the coin as both teams can operate without the compromises and time constraints that will be felt on the main card. On the negative, those not on Facebook may miss out on this match in its entirety UNLESS it ends up on the Bound for Glory DVD, which will be out in stores before Christmas, no doubt.

This development makes me wonder if another match or two will be moved onto the main card in place of that. Perhaps the Knockouts Tag Belts are worth fighting for. This is new territory for TNA as this is the very first year not under the rule of a benevolent leader. It's a place, I don't think TNA is accustomed  to performing in...one filled with many histories that will define where the entire company storyline goes from here.

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