Friday, October 28, 2011

Building the Top Tier......

I believe the time has come to put some faces and names with the scenario I introduced yesterday. This revelation serves two purposes. First, it puts WWE fans up to the looking glass and shows that TNA is doing something to put their best foot forward in the land of improvement. And second, it gives me a platform from which to leap into another multiple part column I'm going to call "Explaining the Mystery" to put a few answers and such to the way the cards have been played in building up this house of cards.

Before launching in, let's have another look at the scenario, shall we?

"I've got a scenario for all of you. Let's say you have a champion, a TNA original, no less. Let's assume he's in a championship feud with another TNA original. Sounds like a pretty good deal for all those people criticizing TNA of not pushing their own, eh? Okay, following the storyline; the champion moves on from facing one TNA original to facing another TNA original. I can see you WWE marks starting to get red in the face. Now, that new challenger is already feuding with....yet another TNA original. Now you have 3 talents in the championship picture. It only gets better from there."

Now, the champion we know to be James Storm, but the championship feud is between he and Robert Roode, who will take the title from Storm in the coming week. Moving on from there, AJ Styles, who is still in a feud with Daniels, will challenge for the World Title at Turning Point. That makes Styles, Roode, and Storm the trio in the top tier with Daniels as a possible fourth. 

I know that makes a lot of old school TNA fans very pleased, myself included. RVD is the hurdle for Daniels to overcome if he is to become that fourth name on the list. The winner of the Matt Morgan and Crimson skirmish should determine the fourth name, in my opinion, but since plans aren't clear beyond Turning Point, that secret shall simply remain veiled. 

One name I am certain will play an integral part in the coming weeks will be Kazarian. His stake in the breaking down of Fortune is pretty high and if it comes down to the wire, he could become the fourth name on the list without having to face a single opponent. It all comes down to whether or not the TNA Creative Team believes he has what it takes to break in right off the bat or if he needs a warm up opponent to build him into a power on that level. Personally, I like the idea that anyone can break the glass ceiling if the push looks good and makes enough sense. A Fortune World Title picture makes my eyes water with joy. 

The invention of a new kind of match makes me want to freak out like a 16 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert. In fact, if a new match type were to be introduced, I can't think of a better designer and innovator of such a match than Eric Bischoff, the mind behind the Elimination Chamber. His contribution to the WWE product is unparalleled and outranks any other General Manager WWE has ever had thusfar.

Some of the critics and WWE marks would have everyone believe that TNA is moving too quickly with their stories; that they have no clue how to pace themselves to make it all last long enough to make a difference; that the logic isn't there for the feuds that exist at the top of the card. Why don't we ask CM Punk if he agrees with that assessment?

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