Monday, October 17, 2011

Criticisms...Part 1: Angle Keeps It.....

Before anyone goes and shuts down the window based on the title of this entry, I would like the chance to explain. I got done watching Bound for Glory and came right home to check out what people said about it....I was blown away by what I read. There was a mass of people who HATED what TNA did in not giving Bobby Roode the TNA Heavyweight Title. They didn't like Hogan turning face again. So much criticism without stepping back and looking at the bigger picture.

The next few posts are going to address all of the criticisms and, hopefully, explain why what was done was actually better for business AND for the performers as well. Regardless, however, I am not going to give answer to criticism without stating where TNA shone.

The first one is probably the one most controversial....Angle retains the title. Bobby Roode battled Kurt Angle in, what I consider, the match of the night. It lasted nearly 30 minutes, which was PLENTY of time, and gave them more than an opportunity to tell the best story able in that time. I don't care what the critics say, Bobby Roode was NOT buried last night. Angle won, but it wasn't clean. Yeah, I might I have wanted a clean victory for Roode, but the more I look at the entirety of the card, the more I am certain this was the right thing.

With Sting winning the bout against Hogan, this means Dixie is calling the shots again. That being the case, Bobby Roode's case will be heard. You can bet it will be addressed. Angle played the part of desperation and did it well. His character knew cheating was the only way he could have put Roode away, which in my humble opinion, made Roode look even better. A couple of columns back, I addressed some comments Hogan said, one in particular about Roode perhaps needing another month or two of chasing the title to actually pick up the brass ring. The story isn't over and the next time, I am betting the farm, Bobby Roode will have Angle scouted.

This is classic WWE underdog story writing at its best. I'd ask you to remember when WWE was great.....I know it takes a while, but remember when guys like Brock Lesnar and John Cena were chasing their SECOND reign. Both were screwed out of the title and were made to look AMAZING in the chase. Bobby Roode is being booked under a similar template and, while the world of armchair critics believe he should have gotten the belt on his first try, these are the same people who complain about champions being booked too quickly. Try to keep in mind the course, young grasshopper.....

In all things, patience, Roode fans. His plight will be realized and, when it is, you'll thank me for holding back the criticisms....

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  1. Pls can i get the score card.of bound for glory.i live in nigeria and unfortunatly missed it yesterday.