Monday, October 17, 2011

Criticisms...Part 2: Turning Red and Yellow....

Another criticism is that Hogan turned face after a year and a half run as a heel. I share some of those feelings, BUT I also understand that the best way for Hogan to be able and get people behind him is as a face. As a face, Hogan is the red and yellow American hero and part of our culture now. I was glad to see that back, but I was even more happy to see the bumps he promised not to take.

The match was everything I figured it'd be....plenty of interference and then, with the face turn, Sting and Hogan cleaning house. So now the company has been handed back to its rightful owner and Sting is no longer the crazy one.....or so it would appear. There was one character I thought I'd see in the ring that never showed up.....Abyss. My guess is something's coming on that front, but I'm at odds as to what it could be....he's been working against the grain with Immortal in recent weeks, so that means something.

I also called the Hardy/ Jarrett confrontation and that will culminate into a match or series of matches in the coming weeks. I just never want to see Jarrett in another ladder match as long as I live. With that segment, though, I was a bit disappointed, because I wanted to see a match, even a short one with a twisted finish, but that would have dug into a match elsewhere, so I didn't complain.

My TWO complaints about the entire show are really rather mild. I want to see Karen Jarrett fired. The Knockouts match could have been done without her ever being in the ring. By putting pressure on Traci Brooks to call the match a certain way, she could have stayed out of the ring and some of her little distractions could have been avoided. Traci can take a bump....Karen cannot.  Having Karen involved in the Knockouts Title match cheapened the match and made the victory seem a bit less than it might otherwise have been. Congratulations to the new Knockouts Champion, Velvet Sky.

Complaint number 2.....The Tag Team Title match was absolutely awful. The most redeeming thing about it was that it was taken off the actual Bound for Glory card. Shannon Moore, who I've praised as an underutilized, underestimated talent sold very little offense from Mexican America. I was ashamed of the outing both teams had as I know they could have done better. The ladies were the most entertaining portion of the match. Von Eerie, Rosita, and Sarita......I love you gals. Your modest contributions made the entire thing watchable.

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