Monday, October 10, 2011

Cross the Line......Unsafe Working Environments....

The boss gets into a limo and is assailed with a firework booby trap; Brock Lesnar on a rampage puts half a dozen guys into the hospital; top brass insists on feeding talents to the streak of Goldberg; Big Show throws people off stages and know the funny thing about all of these things? None of the talents walked out on WWE when those things happened.

Shane McMahon gets a car battery hooked up to his unmentionables; talents can get mugged in the parking garage in order to ensure someone doesn't make it to whatever PPV is coming....the point I'm making is that TONS of crap has happened to talents....heck....Mark Henry has put more people in the hospital in the past two months worth of storylines than two mid-card "fired" talents did in one night and suddenly it's no longer safe? No one even went to the hospital! Fact is, anyone walking into the hospital who was in the cage during the Miz/Truth debacle wouldn't have even been given a lollypop because they'd have been accused of whining.

SIDE NOTE: While I'm thinking about it, I did some checking. Does anyone realize how much John Cena holds the big WWE gold? If he goes into Survivor Series this year with the belt around his waist, he will have held the gold just over 3 years since his debut on April 3, 2005. That kind of thing is unsafe for the career of a budding prospect wanting to hold that gold someday....good luck getting close. 12 other guys held the big belt during the remainder of the time....think about it. END NOTE

TNA never claimed to be safe. TNA never promised a safe working environment with people who always follow the rules....yet the talent remains. Umm, wait a sec....what am I saying about WWE's talents who decided it was better to leave due to an unsafe working environment? Don't even think about crossing the line....we're not taking a bunch of whiny, slanderous, mutinous, cry babies off the market.

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