Thursday, October 27, 2011

Damage Control....

I've got a scenario for all of you. Let's say you have a champion, a TNA original, no less. Let's assume he's in a championship feud with another TNA original. Sounds like a pretty good deal for all those people criticizing TNA of not pushing their own, eh? Okay, following the storyline; the champion moves on from facing one TNA original to facing another TNA original. I can see you WWE marks starting to get red in the face. Now, that new challenger is already feuding with....yet another TNA original. Now you have 3 talents in the championship picture. It only gets better from there.

I won't give specifics before the time has arrived,  but I will tell you that there is a plan and it looks AMAZING! In answer to a question I read earlier this morning, I will shed some light on the Bobby Roode situation and subsequent title win. The question is.....why would TNA do a World Title change on free TV when it could go so much better on PPV?

This question is easy. There are two major reasons with a third reason on standby as to why this is done......

1. Even in a taped environment, people will tune in to see a title change....... Want proof? Look no further than Mick Foley. The date? January 4th, 1999. Raw is WAR. Mick Foley won the WWF Title from The Rock with The Corporation and DX respectively at ringside. On a night that changed the tides for the Monday Night War, WWF was able to capitalize and win a much needed victory in the ratings.

2. It builds heat on a story....... People are still talking about James Storm winning the World Title from Angle on TV. All that attention has become a catalyst for what is coming. With all of these feuds still intact, it deepens the storyline and will ultimately create a new top tier. This is all a VERY good thing for the company. TNA has needed a solid TNA original-led World Title picture and now they have that.

3. Injury....... I'll even take this one a step further and tell you guys that on August 10th, 2003 at a house show in Des Moines, Iowa, Christian won the Intercontinental Title from Booker T because Booker was injured at a show prior to the event. Things happen and results sometimes have to be changed on the fly to put the belt on a performer who can carry it.

I have no problem standing aside and letting TNA take bullets for bad decisions, but this is something WWE has tried before and succeeded and TNA, in my humble opinion, is in the process of succeeding as well. And though the circumstances behind the storyline are different in almost every way, the outcome will produce an even more fresh product. With Hogan off camera and the feud between the Bischoffs in the background, I am seeing the product grow right in front of my eyes into something I am proud to say I'm a part of.

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