Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Defending the TV Title.....

I have a problem, people. I haven't seen the TV Title defended on TV for quite some time. Now Eric Young is the current title holder and has been since the end of May. Can someone tell me why he's still champion in his what will be his 6th month? No? Well let me spoil the surprise. The reason Eric Young has yet to lose the title is because he isn't defending it each month like he should.

The TV Title should be defended each month at LEAST twice and NEVER on PPV. That's my personal opinion, but I believe that no person should have to pay to see the that title defended on PPV when it's supposed to be defended on a weekly show. The fact of the matter is that not defending it cheapens the belt and makes it very much a throwaway title. Folks, this should not be. I believe true competitors should be clamoring for a chance to hold it and continue holding it. As for who?

I'm glad you asked. By my reckoning, the TV Title is a transitionary title to prepare a potential world champion for the big leagues. My saying that does not mean it ranks lower, but that it is a stepping stone to the World Title; a launching pad to becoming the face of the company. Having said that, my list of potentials goes something like this.....

Crimson, Matt Morgan, Daniels, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Gunner, Rob Terry (to a lesser degree), and RVD as a veteran worthy of giving the belt some credibility. This is just a list of competitors who could make it into it's own division if they wanted to and even create something special out of it in the process by putting something to lose into a feud. The TV Title NEEDS to feel like special because right now, it's not being treated as such.

I can even do the work and start everything off. Sting comes out and says that the current TV Champion isn't being challenged enough as his reign is almost 6 months long. So he calls out Young and announces a 10 man gauntlet match as the main event of Impact Wrestling with the winner becoming the new TV Champion. In a greatly executed match, Matt Morgan becomes the new TV Champ. I believe putting the strap on him first would do two things: it would make him look like a threat to the world title picture, provided he can hold the belt longer than 3 months, defending against perhaps 10 competitors. That could be a story in and of itself.

Easy, eh?

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