Tuesday, October 4, 2011


In the wake of Hell in a Cell, it seems like the entire WWE Universe has gone into a tailspin. Miz and Truth are demanding an apology and are suing WWE for wrongful termination. Just so everyone is clear...THEY WERE NEVER FIRED.  Nevertheless, the kayfabe hoopla has gone into over drive and, it seems there's no stopping it. Further, on RAW, Triple H is blaming everyone for sabotaging his stint as COO.  I'm at a loss. WWE has come off the rails and it seems ANYTHING that rhymes with nWo would be a welcome retreat.

Okay, I've had a couple of naysayers who mistakenly believe Cena wouldn't make a good heel. Clearly you didn't see him when he first came in. His 'Doctor of Thuganomics' character was brilliant and it got a lot of heat. Now that wouldn't work now because of the PG ceiling. He'd get a rise out of people and then hit his head on the box they've put into. This whole platform they're building on just begs the nWo with a good talker and the biggest face in the company. Without Cena as the head of a revised nWo, it simply won't work.

Think about this....if Cena were to turn on the Rock and solidify the nWo at Survivor Series, we'd have a definite heel vs. face match and THAT is what will sell Wrestlemania. Not just a clash of the two biggest names in their respective eras. And now, with CM Punk having been successfully returned to the obscurity he was in before Jeff Hardy, life goes on.....and on that note.....

Right now, I have no need to hold TNA's hand and walk them through the path because, quite frankly, they don't need it right now....they've got their act together. The only hope is for them not to screw it up and maintain their focus. Right now, there is no real chaos shakedown like on WWE programming and that much is a welcome breath of fresh air.

Further details on Bound for Glory reveal that for those who see the event in theaters, there is a free BFG t-shirt....It's official. TNA is going to come out of this thing with some GREAT numbers. I just hope what spike (no pun intended) in the buys for this thing lasts into the homecoming episodes of Impact. It'd be a true shame to see them do so well only to be grounded after they hit the ground running.

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