Sunday, October 2, 2011

The End of the Story....Part 1. The Last Few....

Okay, I'll admit, I've been a bit obsessed with these several part columns. Fact is, I don't like to have a 15 page long dissertation cluttering my blog, so for the convenience of everyone involved, I've decided to put together a few bite-sized morsels to flesh out my thoughts. This series is only 2 parts and fact is, up until the number one spot, has no particular order. My subject? The best finishers in wrestling.

10. F5.....Brock Lesnar may only have been in WWE for 2 years, but the innovation of this move impressed me. I highly doubt it is terribly painful, but it looks beautiful and his opponents always sold it like murder.

9. Twist of Fate.....DDP may have had his variation on this first, but the moment before it blossoms makes all the difference in the world.

8. The Spinebuster....Arn Arnderson used this one with great proficiency, but my favorite use of it came from Batista because he always made it look easy.

7. Jackhammer Slam.....Goldberg has one of my favorite movesets of any big guy in the business and this move sets everything else off. This is a nasty looking finisher even now and no one has ever tried to rip this off since. Seems to me the first time is the best place to start.

6. The Big Boot.....This seems to be a mainstay in the realm of the big guy moveset. Fact is, though, only one guy makes this look absolutely face-crushing....Matt Morgan. The added martial art flair does it for me and it actually looks like something I would be wise to avoid.

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