Sunday, October 2, 2011

The End of the Story....Part 2. The Best of the Best

Here's the final five. THESE are my personal favorites based on impact (no pun intended) and athleticism....SO without further ado.....let's have a look.

5. Spiral Tap.....AJ Styles is one of the greatest in the business today and this took me entirely by surprise when I saw it for the first time. This bit of footage is awesome as it includes his Pele` kick as well. I love it.

4. Chaos Theory.....Doug Williams is one of my personal favorites, but this finisher is just amazing, both technically as well as in aesthetics. It looks beautiful and this footage absolutely does it justice.

3. Flux Capacitor.....Kazarian hits this thing and it looks like his opponent has been hit with a truck. I'm a fan of seeing this thing and the top rope execution makes it look ever better.

2. The Pounce.....Monty Brown may not be around anymore, but I think this trumps the spear because all moving parts of the equation are moving and he used the ENTIRE ring for it. The fact that he played for a championship NFL team before arriving doesn't hurt the credibility either. The followup Alpha Bomb was a nice touch.

1. The Canadian Destroyer.....If this was anywhere but at the top, someone needs to be smacked in the face with a hammer. This is the most amazing finisher I have EVER seen. It's technically superb, looks like a million bucks and everyone who takes one is likely to get coloring books for their birthday that year as they recover.

This rounds it out. TNA walks out the supreme victor in the way of technical prowess and sheer force of will as far as finishers are concerned. The jury has spoken....

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