Sunday, October 30, 2011

Explaining the Mystery....Part 1. The World Title

Right now, TNA is in a very intriguing spot in their development, they're about to split up a faction in an unorthodox way....with the ultimate prize at stake. With Fortune imploding, the top tier is as strong as it has ever been in TNA's history, as far as I'm concerned. In fact, all the signs are, to me, pointing at one of two things.....

-King of the Mountain.....Kaz, Roode, Storm, Daniels, Styles, and possibly a return to the top tier for Jeff Hardy


- A brand new gimmick match featuring perhaps a new ring look. Since the top is filled to the brim with TNA's brightest shining talents who can work under whatever conditions are tossed into the hat, it seems reasonable that these guys be the first candidates to perform in said match.

Whatever the case may be, it can be reasonably assured that we, the fans, will win out. While WWE is theming their PPVs right and left, TNA can do something special by putting together the best stable feud in the history of the company so far. If anyone wants to know the reason why to split up Beer Money and the rest of Fortune, I see no better one than to put them all in the title hunt. TNA originals at the top of the card, who would have thought? Doubters of Eric Bischoff and Hogan......I've got two words for ya.....WHAT NOW?!

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