Monday, October 31, 2011

Explaining the Mystery....Part 2. Deeper....

I've put my best case scenario forward, with TNA utilizing everything they can in order to put maximum character into the current storyline. I believe the job is only half done, as it'll take a good month to put together a cohesive story where every member of Fortune is inescapably tied to the World Title picture, but in the meantime, putting Bobby Roode in a title match against AJ Styles does a couple things right off the bat.

First, it brings the AJ fans to the table right away. It makes people excited to see that their guy is in the hunt for the gold. What makes it compelling is that he's already in a feud with Daniels. The web also includes RVD, who has come to AJ's aid and gotten involved in the feud with Daniels. This ties up one part of Fortune, but leaves interference open to both James Storm, who is locked into heat with Roode AND the X factor in all of this, Kazarian.

The feud web is intricate and well's designed to pull as many pieces of the puzzle together as possible to weather away the faction's resolve to remain. I've never seen it done quite like this before, which is refreshing. I still believe we're going to see something new coming down the pike in the next couple of months as TNA adjusts things to bring in perhaps one or two more elements together.

My prediction has been a new gimmick or the return of the King of the Mountain match. A match like King of the Mountain would put together all of the elements and relationships there are to tell a great story even in the face of a match where so much is going on. A new gimmick match, however, could tell the story even better by letting it all build. The Elimination Chamber brought in a sense of suspense as no one knew who would enter the battlefield next.

Hulk Hogan once said that TNA just needs one or two pieces of the puzzle to put them on the map. A few of the columnists believe he meant performers. I'm not so sure. WCW had Bash at the Beach 1997 to propel them to the top. One leg drop created a the most potent stable in the history of this business. I daresay one story could make a company. I once believed it might be Immortal. My prediction fell very flat. I can admit it.

This, however, could be the very thing TNA needs to launch into the clouds. Careful planning, studying the story to cut out any gaps, writing together the perspective, and pulling the trigger will assure something the critics aren't expecting......victory.

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