Saturday, October 22, 2011

Eye of the Storm.....

Right now, TNA is in a place of wonderment. They are in a position WWE wishes it could be in right now....where the new guys are holding the titles. Here's the fact of the matter, save for two (Tara and Hernandez), EVERY title is being held by someone who hasn't held the gold they now wear. Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, Anarquia, Austin Aries, and even Eric Young are all holding titles that either begin their list of accolades or add to them. While Eric Young's title is technically the same title once dubbed by him as the "Global Championship", it's a technicality and for this column's purpose, not the same.

This is truly historic. The icing on the cake is that the youth initiative WWE had been implementing has been haphazard as of the last few years. And though it seems they are taking some steps in the right direction, their list of usable veterans to bring up the youth into the top tier has been razor thin. Meanwhile, TNA's roster has been a fortified stomping grounds of a who's who in wrestling legacy and has served as a base from which new talents have leapt and reached the top.

The new era in which TNA is moving promises to be about handing a legacy to the originals to move everything into the future. Angle has gone on record saying that he's all about building new champions in his last while wrestling. Others are falling in line by actions, working up to life after wrestling and leaving the credits to younger stars to run with.

My congratulations to James Storm as his reign marks a new day for TNA....a calm in the eye of the Storm.

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