Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Here Comes the Pain.....Revisited...

A while back, I wrote about the youngest and last Undisputed Champion, Brock Lesnar. 2004 was a sad year for WWE....not quite as sad as this year, but sad nonetheless. They lost Golbdberg, Brock Lesnar, Jeff Hardy, and for another extended stint away, The Rock. Now I still miss seeing Lesnar lay down some heavy beatings on John Cena back in the day, but what I wouldn't give to see it now.....

Cena never beat Lesnar. He never beat Goldberg either, but let's not think about that just now. Brock is the one I want to see again in WWE. Putting him back into a WWE product means leaving PG behind forever....seriously. His character was either above the law as a face, or defiant of the law as a heel. His use of excessive force to attain that which his quest entailed knew no bounds. Only 5 opponents can ever claim a victory over 'the next big thing', out of which only 2 are still wrestling and only one still works for WWE......Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Goldberg, and Big Show.

If there was ever a time to see John Cena outlasted, outgunned, outclassed, and generally outdone in every way, this would be it. If Brock were still in WWE, Vince may not have pulled the trigger on John's Super Cena persona. His character would never fit into the landscape of today as he was more beast than Mark Henry will ever hope to be and the Hell in a Cell match from No Mercy 2002 against The Undertaker more than proves it. A bigger threat to the status quo can not be found anywhere else....period.

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