Thursday, October 20, 2011

Landing on Spikes......

If ever there were a better person to act as a liason between TNA and Spike TV officials than Eric Bischoff, you'd be hard pressed to find one. With the upper brass at Spike having a bit of a sour view of Dixie Carter following the Main Event Mafia tease a year back, it's said Eric has salvaged a potential dire situation for TNA. It was believed at the time that Kevin Nash and Booker T would be returning to TNA television to reunite, but instead ended up opting back to WWE. For anyone wanting to know, both talents had either lead Dixie to believe or allowed her to think they would return up until the 11th hour.

So that brings me to a few questions to explore......if TNA were to find themselves without a network, what happens to the company? First off, Spike has been a pretty faithful home and TNA has provided some good numbers for their network so finding another network might not be such a difficult thing, BUT providing fans enough time and information to make the switch along with TNA might pose problems. In the past, when TNA went from FOX SportsNet to Spike, there was little to no notice beforehand and we, as fans had to do the digging on our own in order to find where they were going to be on. I would suggest that one of the old Turner Networks may come back into play after over a decade of disuse. TNT or TBS both have a long history of wrestling product and their management structure has changed a bit over the years, potentially making them more apt and willing to provide the time to TNA to land should Spike become less than friendly.

Whatever the case, TNA is in no ready danger and the position on Spike is secure, so speculation to that end is purely speculation, nothing more. Speaking of speculation, this may be the best time to throw out a few guesses as to whom TNA will be debuting in the coming months. The white tower has been keeping a tight lid on a name or two who may turn some heads and raise the ratings standard for the company. Kurt Angle was THE guy to raise eyebrows in the 2000's but going into the 2012, another performer young enough to make a splash for a couple of years might be willing to make the jump.....

The Candidates......

Chris Jericho- He's been in talks with WWE in the recent past about a match at Wrestlemania, but if things fall through, who knows what might come from a talk or two with the Dixie? Jericho in TNA would mean some great matches with the likes of AJ Styles, Daniels, Roode, and a host of TNA originals, waiting for a healthy rub from a seasoned veteran to get them talked about for years to come.

John Morrison- With his time in WWE dwindling, crossing the line might mean a fresh start for JOMO, which, admittedly, is something he genuinely needs right now. In the realm of pure athletes, I doubt you'll find a better free agent. PLUS, once his contract officially runs out, there will be no 90 day no compete clause to hold him back. AND if he comes in with Melina, you have a built in draw to TWO separate divisions, not just one. TNA has done magical things to characters WWE has wasted over the years; reviving Matt Morgan, Pope, and a few others on the roster, making them relevant to the product in the long run.

I've mentioned guys like Goldberg and Chavo Guerrero before, so elaborating seems a bit like killing a fly with a bazooka. ANY of these talents could elevate TNA to a higher level if used in a way where they look more like a weapon and less like a toy.

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