Friday, October 14, 2011

Lands of Uncertainty....

As many will know already, the man who once served as the Senior Vice President of Sports and Special Programming for Spike TV was recently dismissed. His replacement has yet to mention TNA in his revamp plan going into the fall season. Now, this being said, Eric Bischoff's relationship with those in authority has grown quite good over the course of the past months and that leads me to believe there will be few problems with Impact Wrestling's timeslot and ability to broadcast on Spike TV in the future.

Without absolute certainty, however, there is unrest.....and rightfully so. While I see no problems looming on the horizon as TNA is Spike's best source of ratings at the moment out of anything they're putting out there, assurances are a bit on the thin side of things. If there is one thing TNA has been good at, it's consistency. They can put up consistent numbers from week to week, which means they have a good core following. While rises are what the upper brass want to see, repeat performances are rare and TNA's track record is good in that regard, meaning Spike can pretty much guarantee at least X number of viewers each week in their slot. Few shows can say the same.

Nevertheless, with a major backer now gone, we can thank Eric Bischoff for not giving up on the product and going to bat for the fans to keep TNA fighting as the strong second place wrestling promotion in the world. Don't count out the underdogs just yet....

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